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Rob has been a photographer for over 30 years. Over the last 4 years, he has been archiving the performances at Festival Place in Sherwood Park covering concerts, under the big top kids performances, theatre presentations like Cats, West side story, Mary Poppins and much more. Outside events like the Festival Place patio series are photographed and featured weekly in the Sherwood Park News. He is the exclusive photographer for the Festival place Cultural Arts foundation and the ACT, covering their events and productions. Recently Rob has become a photographer for McLean magazine providing photos of artists for the magazine articles.

My story     

     I have always had a fascination with photography. At a young age, I use to love to work in the the darkroom at school, for the opportunity to create photos that would capture the essence of the subjects. Whether it was a photo of a class mate, a wood shop project or a touch down of a foot ball game, that snap shot in time, lightens the heart of all who experience it. Today I have honed and developed my skills of photography allowing me to capture my 2 favourite subjects, motion and emotion. Whether it's a musical stage performance, a dance recital, theatre or the innocence of a child, it touches the heart of all those who experience it. 

As a special events photographer, I would like to share my gift with you for your special moments. Whether it's a dance recital, musical performance, a child's acting debut or your groups gathering. 

~Rob Swyrd